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The Terror Time

That development and usage of technology has good degree of parallelism is something that cannot be thoroughly refuted. However should technology and also science in the general sense be the chief elements of development, is something to be analyzed. Of the organizing factors of a society or a country at larger scale, the struggle for power whether it is religious in nature or whether it has to do with ownership of state and at the same time struggle for better life by individuals, effectively shape the problem statement for the masses. Any imbalance on any side asks for chaos. To solve the problem amicably a good standards of social, religious and political engineering must be practised.
What happened in Mumbai, the 26/11, is actually a collapse of or in some sense absence of any kind of engineering that should happen at global level. But the chief question that arises -- whether any such engineering is possible or not ? United Nations, which is now over 60 years old, very partially address this problem. Actually it just addresses the minimum basic life quality of individuals or societies. Mostly only at humanity level.
The practised method of countering the problems one society/nation faces due to other one have been first through soft methods, like cutting down economic, cultural relations and then hard methods like war. But since almost always the problem is so localized that a lack of guiding force causes individuals to suffer very negatively. Further the intra and inter social inequalities among nations, be it at economic level or power level is never addressed. For example if UK has ruled India for so many years is not it responsible to pay back to India ? Or, who can dare intervene in China affairs when the individual rights are very limited. Or coming back to India, is not it comprises of some unsuccessful countries on its neighborhood ( I refrain calling them "failed" as it will be too derogatory) and twenty eight unsuccessful states ? Perhaps this is too hard statement, but are not these states and countries have been unsuccessful in many of their desired aims ? True the democratic processes can guide to some scale, yet effectively it is not done at regular basis.
The bottom line is that, is not there is a lack of social, political and religious engineering at many scales which should shape the course of human processes ? All three elements, religious aspiration, aspiration of political power and aspiration of individuals have tendency to turn greedy, and with time the centralization of a check to control this greediness is necessary. In Sciences there lies the zenith of human beings creation, but such creations will become just tools rather than prominent ideas when the aspirations soar too high.


  1. With technology advancing, humanity seem to be dying.



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