Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 2

After my post of "Day 1", it became something like a week when I am now writing this post. People tell you that in your life you should have aim, and then what I usually do is to envisage life of people around me, life of my relatives, life of my friends. Majority of the people are in the business of making money, stocks, defeating points of fellow people or in the business of procuring or creating a family. I then miss the enjoyment that one has during his childhood, curiosity to see new things, energy to keep playing and the ability to remain at ease. When people believe you they will put you on stress test; when people do not believe you they will put you stressed. But people, I am sure, do not know the reason behind their attitude to earn money; their attitude to be greedy and selfish for their family or loved ones; their attitude to get rid of people.What one should do in such a case ? I always thought that reading books and developing my skill set is what gives me peace. And these observations came after multiple stress tests I have been put for, and in order to give myself a stability, I went closer and closer to studies, monotone works. Now this gave me some kind of shield; but for the same reason many accused me being mechanical or formal. But then I no longer have fear of loosing; for you always have your work as backup.

The attitude of righteousness that Man assumes in different walks of life could be deterrent to what we call Social progress. At the same time when he cajoles with Society actively, the aftereffects need to be monitored. To what extend he should liberate will always remain a question. What suits me, is to keep one's work or duty always of ulterior priority. After all, there are no one, in place, when you observe collapse.

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