Sunday, March 20, 2011

Holi - 2011

I always have mixed impression of Holi. Mixed because you will like the exuberance of people, you  will like the colors, at at the same time you may have to face over-excitement of people and survive notoriously acidic effect that chemicals in the colors leave on you. But "Holi", if you are from India, is not just about celebrating afestival - it is one of the timestamps that quote your life. For people say, this "Holi" it was cold, that "Holi" we all in family assembled. Basically you remember many an events of your life based on near which Holi, it happened.
This year my Holi was rather very silent, just me and my Mother. Father at home place while brother and sisters are at there workplace. And then we two - me and my Mother - decided to have enough rest, for we had some fever and some unrest out of long travel.  Last year I was out of country so we did not had Holi. But before last year, - because of presence of my brother and sister, we had some of it.
The best Holi, as is the prevalent case, I had were during and before my entrance to Engineering college. that is when my Hostel life started. Either in colony, or at maternal or paternal village we used to have the festival. Mother and aunts used to make different kind of dishes, mutton enrich with deep masala (spices), then we children along with grandparents cut dry fruits,  and we used to have taste of  many food items in houses in vicinity. It was a culture to reach houses of people in surrounding to get blessings of elders. Simple. However once you are out of home, residing somewhere in big cities, and you do not have habit to become open to people very soon, - it appears quite artificial to do the same in vicinity. First, you cannot do it as you are stranger to people, second customs and culture undergo fabrication at these places and most importantly, third, a bachelor working good enough time in offices, having too mechanical life, does not get much welcome (or rather cannot be welcomed). Though I quoted that this problem is there in big cities, I believe this can happen anywhere.

Happy Holi

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