Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 0: 2012 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2012 !!!

Wishing you all the success, good health and good life in 2012.

I am now in Bangalore, where I was in Hyderabad earlier (for last three and half years). My memories of Hyderabad is quite rich, and I will like to write more on it. It took lot of effort to adjust to new home. Still some problems are remaining. I should not complain more, for I am finding this home quite relaxing.

First person to visit my home was my Uncle (elder to my father) and aunty. I do not know how much to feel emotional about this visit. For when a machine does a good work, one can say that machine is  emotional or honest about its duties; however seldom such assertions are made. Emotion is a word very much tied to expressive (or impressions which are observed) nature of people. I chosen to not to be emotional, rather kept my thinking on and tried to connect thoughts, discretely. Will express what I thought someday. I am yet immature to express precisely.

Man have no choice but to assume that the conditions of his life are desperate enough to test him, put him for some sort of examination. One can engage with this perspective enumerating life in terms of success, failure, pain or joy. Another perspective is to tell yourself, that, see how intricate this problem is, what are layers of solution for layers of problem; and how much engaging are this intricacies. Man is a machine subject to sequence of problem statements, and he must obey.

Accepting truth is courage. It takes time.

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