Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 1 : 1:30 AM

These days I almost sleep by 2 to 3 AM. Some days it even went to 4 AM. I wonder and people may not believe, I was the same person who used to protest in hostel in his first year, to be allowed to turn of the light by 10 PM! Part of this overstretching may be attributed to Internet. Not sure, how many others have slipped into same kind of habit. Nevertheless Internet is a kind and knowledgeable friend. And though I could see that it might make people more non socializing, mechanical or may infuse monotonicity in behavior; but it is boon for those are forced (say directly or indirectly) to remain reclusive. Kind of survival factor.

Any ways, I will start writing more and more on this blog. Will restart the "Day #" series. And will try to put what happened on the day. Sort of Diary.

Raj Kapoor's birthday was on 2nd June. I had the chance to go through his interview on BBC. I must say he overall presents a great personality, his Voice is unhurried, calm I was quite attentive towards this interview.

In between I tried to concentrate on Thomas Heath's Euclid book. I did concentrate, but did not progress much. I have read this book may be six or seven times, yet I wanted to further into details of tussle between Aristotle and Plato on various Geometrical definitions. Again in this book I met the word "Monad",  and then since I paused, and felt the word is quite multilayered and an expansion of it would require perseverance. It will be interesting if I could expand on the meaning of this word, and hopefully write on it in this blog. Though you may like to jump to wiki.

Interestingly, an another question that came to my mind, was regarding culture of this city, - Bangalore. Does it possess anything which can be said cultural to it? I do not know precise meaning of the term "Cosmopolitan", yet is Bangalore a Cosmopolitan city?

Perhaps we have become too clever, and we all have answers for everything. So may be my above question may appear like irritation out of something being repetitive.

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