Sunday, January 27, 2008

Virtual Life --- Introduction ( Part II )

In my last post, I touched a few of the notions associated with "Machines". It can happen that a reader who is not acquainted with theoretical world of Computer Science, would be confused or may feel the treatment too abstract. I will like to post on "Virtual Life" in philosophical sense, with almost no use of domain oriented technical terms. Subject matter should be clear to a High School pass out!
"Virtual life" certainly requires some concrete definition. However, for the time being, we will identify it as an element which does modification to our life, because of the presence of machines. But what "Machines" actually are? Again, no definition, and I am just citing examples of some machines:-
  1. My fan, television, and this laptop are machines.
  2. So is yahoo messenger, GTalk or IRC ( Internet Relay Chat).
  3. Big Brother or Big Boss reality TV series. The conception behind these TV series is that participants are put together in a house for few days, and part of their activities are broadcasted. The rules, the behavior of participants on the basis of the fact that they are on broadcast; constitutes a machine, although an abstract one.
  4. Games, like Second Life.
And any of the thing which you call a machine, :-). So let us switch on our "philosophical engines".

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