Saturday, July 8, 2006

My Points

Last several days were a transition phase. I have to shift my location (better say loci) from my Institute to some where in Bangalore. I have to complete final proceedings of my college (convocation is still left). I remember six years ago when I left my home, then I found my undergraduate college BIT Sindri, as my mother. Big Halls, big buildings, large area and dear some library were something I cannot forget. I owe much of my strength to BIT Sindri. My graduate Institute, IIITb behaved to me in the same way. However, here, my room, MH2-307 became my world. I liked this room too much( I was not frequent to my friends rooms, because I simply loved my room). Some of the points that I have noticed related to fields I have worked in are quoted below:-

  1. Jobs should be judged not only on the basis of work quality or money you get, but also on the basis of people you work with. You cannot say I can work with any person!!!
  2. Usually, the vast array of programs that comprise software field forgets that ultimately they are running on some hardware and similarly the hardware field forgets that they have to run some software. Everywhere information processing is going on.
  3. Software Engineering and Computer Science are different thing. The later is certainly more complex and revolutionary.
  4. Ultimately Computer Science is Advance Mathematics. Mathematics should be molded according to programming languages (may be just at theme level).
  5. Hype around Computer Languages and Operating System is of no use. I think hype around OS like Linux is shadowing strength of Linux. Rather than running scripts at command line, it is more necessary to create new codes.
  6. A similar hype exists in Electrical Engineering, where circuits are presented in highly unclear way. I have not found books which emphasizes on topology of circuits at basic level.
  7. In whole conventional engineering approaches (like in Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical) Taylor's approximation is at cornerstone. A first level approximation of kind, y = y0 + (x-x0)m, m = dy/dx at x = x0, is much popular. See Ohm's law, friction, Hooke's law, difference equations, diode equations, and thermodynamics. I don’t' know why they are not presented in rather beautiful way to students.
  8. In last month I read Roger Penrose book, Road to Reality. My friends think that its a tough book, too techie to handle. I know the cause is that they have not tried even once a time at that book. Penrose have beautifully explained many of the properties of complex number filed and their algebra. For example to proof that f(x) is differentiable n times, we can simply look for differentiability of f(z) where z is a complex number. COMPLEX NUMBER ALGEBRA IS GOING TO BE VERY IMPORTANT FOR ANALYSIS AND CREATION OF ALGORITHMS. THEY WILL DO MAGIC!!!
  9. Problem with students of Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical engineering department is that they always forget fine approximations that run at small levels. For example, what are the calculations that are inherent when we enumerate Diode Current? Most of them are satisfied with diode equations, then on its calculation, then on Holes/Electrons ... but after that they forget the Physics governing those equations. If the physics is in itself very approximate then how can whole calculation be so perfect to work under all conditions?
  10. Very few Computer Science students work out their calculations in programs. The habit is to think program in terms of if...else, some loops ... and modules. What about logic? Does the program derive its strength from logic directly or is it a jargon created around simple logic. Do we read our codes time and again?

I don’t why there is not much stress on pure sciences like Physics and Mathematics. I think engineering world should be eased.


  1. i never studied like this before as i am doing currently. Previously, I used to study just for the sake that I shud get minimum good marks in the exams. But now I work for myself.
    Very true, there is a difference in CS and Computers. Even the industry understnds it well, Thats why perhaps they recruit differently.

    I hope in nxt some yrs to come, I wud b able to get the real picture of the CS as it is something very different what we visualiza and to a great extent has been depicted by you Reetesh...

  2. Whoa whoa whoa...computers...CS...phew !!

    Will you guys chillax and wind down a bit for not-so-intellectual-ones around,ones like me???

    Can we get a light hearted post from you please?
    Its a request.

  3. @Deepak -- Thanks friend.

    @Cin -- I will write light ... very light pieces.