Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Frog's World

Frogs are popular for their dynamic behavior. They move in all possible ways. Politicians are often compared with frogs and people say that it is hard to measure their weight, :-). Frog's world is a very small world in which it lives and thinks. The rules are predefined and the limits are well set ...
A typical Indian woman has the unparallel attitude to change herself according to the situation. She is a well behaved child for her parents, she is an ardent follower of her husband and then her Son becomes the authority. As a person, as a human being her identity is redefined. I have read some blogs today. They were blogs of people who are completely unrelated, unkown to me ... All blogs has to say something. After going through the synatx of the blogs that I went through today, I found a parallelism of Indian Woman condition with myself. I changed myself according to my undergraduate college ... I changed myself according to graduate college. I change myself when I go on train ... I change myself when I go to local shopping mall. Everytime I do this thing I think that I am becoming more cleverer. But ... then ...
  • my writings are affected by people surrounding me. Its getting more artificial.
  • i have lost my senses. I dont smell air ... I smell fragrances coming out of differences.
  • i lost my open smiles ... i lost my innate feelings. I now like to play with feelings.
  • i am not able to see myself in mirror. Someone else is there as my image.

But then this time I come to know ... my world is Frog's world.


  1. I think in some way, all of us live in some kind of a frogs world, this world just won't let a non-frog to live. It's like

    Jump or you will be made to jump . There is no second way.

  2. Rightly said Iman. ... In the due course of life the sudden sullen thought of having non worthiness makes one feel shaken.