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Beginning of the Cycle

In many ways 1st January was true representative of the activities I was involved in through out this year. I wake up perhaps by 7A.M. in morning, gave a glimpse to my laptop (I promised on 31st December to my mother that I will not do any computer stuff on 1st January), and looked the fog outside … I will not say that I have been lazy while waking up, but perhaps the situation in home was not of much celebration as I have to leave home on 2nd January, and thus I was a bit passive in response.

“Why don’t you talk once with Manish?” – My mother started querying about my friend Manish (we are friends from class 2) who has to return back to Bangalore, also.

“Well, Ma! He has already told that he will go one week later on … there is almost no point to talk with him on this issue”… Ma, like all mothers think their sons/daughters as children … and takes no cognizance of the fact that me, my friends are no longer class eighth folks … It is another matter that I was also quizzed that why Manish was not going back with me – there have been no fights between us (in fact I don’t remember whether I had fought with Manish ever or not) – may be his ailing job, or may be he has some family issues, I couldn’t pin point on the matter going with him. Relations are always hard to delve into … if you go too deep inside cacophony starts, if you go too far away you can’t hear the music. Life has taught me; better keep a fixed distance in almost all cases!

After promising my mother on 31st December, I found in evening that I have shift + deleted my codes that I have written very meticulously. Unluckingly I have not mailed them to any person, so that I could retrieve it from mail box and neither, I had fragments of those codes. I knew I have to write again. One may want to know that what I have been coding those days? (In fact many will not like to know this thing,J). Somehow the year, 2005, passed into practicing codes for computer languages or software kits for me. Late in 2005 I come to know that designing software codes is pivotal to success of big software systems and it will be chief tool for mapping elements of subject matters – Physics, Mathematics and other one, to Programming world. I did not have any software design course beforehand, and neither I wanted my knowledge to get hindered by thoughts of my Professors or even friends … so I liked to do the design naturally – as it appears, the logical flow that it had … I knew that this is not going to pay back any career advantage to me and certainly I am not going to master any subject matter (that the curriculum is most worried of). But then I have never been conventional in approach towards studies, (neither I think knowing a single subject to ultimate depth will solve any problem occurring in nature in cleanest way) I thought let dip into death once again! Yeah its death, because this is what friends in some or other way let you think of,J. I think though I have not written any poem, I became poetic in one jerk …

11A.M., 1st January, 2006 … I was sitting on my bench … Laptop was on … folks who were in my project perhaps were enjoying elixir of life … Mummy was cooking food silently …


  1. if you go too deep inside cacophony starts, if you go too far away you can’t hear the music.

    Though this may represent the dilemna of how much that "safe distance" should be but my take is that it should be so much so that music is just audible from there.Nothing more nothing less.

    Rest apart , it seems we have got a budding philospher in his prime.

  2. That is trully what "Reetesh Mukul" is all about.

    You are cool brother!!


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