Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Australian Episode

If Indian television News media were a lady, or better say Indian Film Industry to Page 3 celebrity, who it would have resembled ? I'll go for Rakhi Sawant( for those who don't know her, please do not Google her for wiki pages, some masaala web pages will do the necessary). The morale for both is the same - keep speaking, rather keep boozing, till it advertises you, till it accelerates your TRP. And hey more and more you will pour out, all truth, all morality and all news will have free flow, free ascent. Something like captain cook iodized salt ... :). But 'm just hearing, someone is murmuring ... Rakhi is too frivolous while media has people like Pronoy Roy, Barkha Dutt, Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai and the Secular Superman Vinod Dua ... damn serious people, the pillars of Indian Television Journalism, ohh ... rather they are The Journalism themselves. Thankyou, ... so what ??? The lexicons, the words they beat ... solemnizes, casts whatever happens around in polarized way.

Whatever happened in Australia, is for sure a problem, or rather a social problem. Its happening in Australia, may be in UK or Germany also. But its not Australia the State who is doing this. Its the Australian society and Indian society coming up together has racial overtones. And as this is a problem, and solution involves people understanding the fact that whatever is happening over there is wrong, I suppose this needs serious handling. But then what I saw on TV screens is this - "Racist Australia ??" or "Amitabh ne Australia ko Tamacha maara". Very little respect for a country, very little respect for people over there. Okay, someone is saying, India is a Nuclear Power, Economic power, &@&^@* power, let it thunder them. Too insane.
Indian students(mostly from rich background or having good support system) go there for better facilities ... why not develop those facilities in India ? Or like if racism is at its height there, should not Indian and Australian government workout at social level to clean things. I assume these things may be happening already. I heard reports of Peace March over there.

But these things do not give veto to ... Indian Media to call Australia, a racist country. This is too bad an adjective. And too bad if some one from India says so.

What about the cast-creed mixed disastrously in India ?

What about North Indian students beaten in Maharashtra and whole India watching it sheepishly?

Moreover what about students coming from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar to India and studying over here? That the students of colleges making frequent mockery of them, and making them feel that they are separate islands?

Any Indian does not have morale right to tell any other country Racist ! First clean your rooms.

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