Monday, June 1, 2009

Archie and Betty ... or Archie and Veronica

So with whom Archie should go finally ? The 600th edition's cover page suggests it could be Veronica !!!

Oh! don't say that this is their personal life, personal decision ... and one should not interfere, intervene !!! Veronica seems to be happily blogging, and cheerfully oozing her wavy words. But lo and behold, the whole blogger world is damn serious about this issue, and internet is flooded out of discussion - with whom Archie should marry !

He should marry otherwise "Bahan Jee" (sister kinda) type Betty or should he go for the "Kat" Veronica?

Its 2009. Its 68 years of Archie Andrews. He is still young, still to marry ... thanks because he is a comics character. But he is not just a comics character. Along with Veronica, Betty, Jughead, Reggie, Dilton and all of Riverdale and Riverdale High School - Archie develops on your imagination. In your teens you may have been fan of this team, your father in his teens may be fan of this team and perhaps may be your grandfather !!! Archies and fellows live right there ... they will make you nostalgic ... they are our very own.

We do not want Archies to live a tormented life. We do not want Betty to sob. We do not have any wish to let Veronica spoil her life randomly. We never had completely polarized bad wishes for any of them. The Riverdale High School high school folks should remain joyful( though yet they can keep plotting).

But then it appears that they(authors of Archies) are planning to wed Archie.

Some say Veronica was the only love interest of Archie.
Some say its Betty who cares about Archie.
Some say Archie being a below average, lazy and economically down guy should not be married with either of two !
Some say since divorce is a real thing now (read its 2009) so Archie go and marry Ronnie(Veronica) just to finally settle down to Betty !! Scandalous yet so real these days.

The quintessential thing always have been - how come an avergae guy like Archie can be the subject of contention between some one like Veronica or Betty. Quite Unreal. But saying it that its a pure Comics Act will be like shutting down many a things.

Veronica says in her blog:-
Veronicafashionrule I love jeans. Betty LIVES in jeans. Everybody LOVES jeans! There are THOUSANDS of jeans out there – some new, some not-so-new, and some found in retro boutiques all over the country (my favorite!) They’ve been around FOREVER. These are MY rules for wearing jeans.
I will just assume that Archies Comics Authors will just do what is there in the fashion. What is there in the fashion ?

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