Thursday, June 4, 2009


Djinn always enchanted me. The folklores generating from Arabian Nights were the cause of being glued to Television. Djinn ( or its transliteration to English Gennie or simply Jinn) is a well established notion originating from pre-Islamic era and the early foundation days of Islam. The conception that Jinn (جن), the Spirit of Lamp as per as Aladdin goes, who helps us and is kind, helping yet very powerful augurs well for Children.

Spirit of Lamp is rubbed and Djinn appears.

What will happen if all Djinn have Spirit of Lamp ? One Djinn calling other Djinn, the second calling third one. Is God the ultimate Djinn ? Does God sits over infinite chains of Djinns ? This may appear ogreish or demonic to say, but these infinitude are not logically otiose. So my beloved writer Douglas Hofstadter describes this beautifully in his masterpiece Godel, Escher and Bach.

Djinn or Indra's net or Monalisa's painting all have giant depth. You think, space is yet left. But some pictures for you to get ulterior feeling for Djinns. (

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