Saturday, June 6, 2009

The spiritual mission followers

It seemed almost dramatic, - Mr. Govind Jee's (name changed) sudden turn to Praja Pita Brahma Kumari Mission, a Hinduism oriented spiritual mission spread across India ( may be across the world, I have not inquired much). Not that he could not be a religious person, but his seemingly more involvement in this mission and spreading the thought of this mission in morning jogging time appeared hyperactive. All these activities started happening after his 30years old daughter died, almost 10 years ago, some say it was a suicide, some say there may have been some conspiracy; but Govind Jee who may be 65 something at that time gradually got involved in the spiritual mission. In the jogging time he used to catch people and explain the terms like Param Brahma, Brahma and many a phrases literally bound to Praja Pita mission. Unsurprisingly people were afraid of his company for it was either boring or irritating in subject matter. Though every body somehow goes into analytic of any context, but when it comes to religious matters, questioning sometimes is taken as disrespectful. The conceptions and logic of common Spiritual discourses are laid on religious ethos of masses; and people find it suitable not to question those things.

Govind Jee thus declared himself a spiritual person. And though people refrained discussing spiritual matters with him, still his visit to some one's house or even parties offered logisitc problems. His demands were always subtle. This kind of bed. That kind of food. Unfatefully his own sons and their families practically dejected him. At the age of 75 now, his wife still takes care of his meals; and because of his earlier government officer job he gets good pension to live with. Actually economy is not a problem for him, and quite tacitly he uses services of Praja Pita branches wherever he goes. Govind Jee lives his self. For him the idea of materialism or spiritualism has actually become Govindism. The uncanny and scrupulous attitude of attributing truism to your own.

I saw similar trait in Mr. Gupta Jee and Mr. Param, both aged above 60 and both bound to religious associations. Quite interestingly I saw some folks of my colleges practicing these things. I do not have any view point regarding whether these associations are good or not, still doing something which does not promote free thinking does not appeal much to me. I understand that religious believing sits down there in its own strength within us, but to not to inquire the changes and their objectivity which these believes bring to us seems wrong to me.

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